Meet the Management Team
and the Board of Directors

Senior management

Cristian Widow

CEO Humboldt Shipmanagement

Mr. Widow joined the Company in 2014. He started his career at Humboldt Shipmanagement as Deputy General Manager. He then assumed the position of General Management and soon moved on to become the Company’s CEO, which is the position he holds today. After graduating as an Electronic Engineer and Aeronautical Engineer, Mr. Widow then went on to achieve his Master degree at the École Nationale Supérieure de l’Aéronautique et de l’Espace (SUPAERO), France. Later, he developed Research Programs at the Naval Research Laboratory in Washington DC. Since 1999 he has held several management positions within the Navy and Aeronautical industry, and entered into the shipping industry in 2011 at CSAV as Senior Operations Manager.
Mr. Widow is a Chilean citizen, and resides in Quintero.

Francisco López

Senior General Manager – Head of Fleet

Mr. López joined the Company in 1981. He began his career onboard as an Engineer Cadet and later was appointed Technical Inspector of the Tugboat Fleet, which is when he joined the onshore staff. During his years at Humboldt he has filled a number of different positions, including Head of the Tugboat Fleet, Superintendent, Logistic Manager and presently is our Fleet Manager. Mr. López graduated from the Chilean Naval Academy. Upon graduation his Merchant Marine career began as an Engineer Officer. Later, he received his degree as a Mechanical Engineer and continued his postgraduate studies obtaining a degree in Logistics. Mr. López is a Chilean citizen and his hometown is Valparaíso.

Andreas Kind

Special Operations Manager and Tugboats Project

After graduating from the Chilean Naval Academy as Merchant Marine Engineer, Mr. Kind went on to develop his understanding of Maritime Construction at the Overseas Ship Construction Center in Japan in 1985 and then in Korea in 1984. Mr. Kind joined our Company in 1986 as Engineer on board our Offshore Anchor Handling Tugs (AHTS) throughout the development of the Chilean Offshore Oil & Gas program in the Strait of Magellan. He went on to take on responsibilities as Engineer at the Ultragas Fleet on board LPG Carriers and Product Carriers. In 1997, Mr. Kind took up On-shore duties, in charge of our local Office in Punta Arenas where he remained for a decade as Technical Manager of the Offshore AHTS Fleet for Chile and Argentina as well as local Harbor Tugs. Since 2008, been onshore managing our Technical Team as the Fleet Manager for Humboldt in Valparaíso. He currently resides in Viña del Mar.

Alfredo Mella

Senior General Manager – Head of HSQES & Vetting – DPA & CSO

Captain Mella Joined the Company in 2002. He began his career as Junior Officer in our Fleet, and in 2009 he became a Master, commanding on board different units. He disembarked in 2013 to become a Marine Superintendent at Humboldt’s office. Then in the year 2015 he became Head of HSQES, Vetting and Claims Department and also assumed the role of DPA. He graduated from the Chilean Naval Academy in 1998 and has a Diploma in Maritime & Ports Management from the Universidad Marítima de Chile. Captain Mella is a Chilean Citizen and resides in Concón.

Felipe Howard

Senior General Manager – Head of Procurement

Mr. Howard is a Commercial Engineer from the Valparaiso University, Chile and he has a Degree in Management Control from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. He joined Humboldt Shipmanagement in 1998. In his early work at the Company, he was involved in Crew Operational Controlling, and later became Head of this Area. In 2009 he became Head of Crew Operations and in April 2015 he assumed the position of Head of Management Control. Mr. Howard is a Chilean Citizen and resides in the city of Viña del Mar.

Raúl Figueroa

Senior General Manager

Captain Figueroa joined Humboldt as a Deck Cadet in 1995 after graduating as Deck Officer from the Chilean Naval Academy. He developed his career onboard the Group’s oil and chemicals tankers, holding several positions on board. In 2001 he obtained a Diploma in Business Administration at the University Federico Santa María. In January 2007, he was promoted to Captain, a position that held on board until 2015. That same year in March 2015, he came ashore assuming the role of Senior Fleet Personnel Manager, a position he still holds today. Captain Figueroa is a Chilean citizen and lives in Viña del Mar.

Felipe Meza Sigala

Tugboat Fleet Manager

Mr. Meza is a Electrical Naval Engineer, with a master’s degree in Energy Economics from Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María and a diploma in Corrosion from Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso. In 2001 he graduated from the U.S. Navy Diving School in Panama City Florida as Diving and Salvage Officer, carrying out several salvage operations during his career including the wrecks removals after 2010’s tsunami in Talcahuano. After retiring from the navy in 2013, he has worked in other tugboat and salvage related companies. He joined Humboldt in 2018 as a Technical Superintendent and became Tugboat Fleet Manager since December 2020.

Board of Directors

Dag von Appen

Chairman of the Board

Mr. Dag von Appen is Chairman of the Board of Ultranav and Board Member of Ultramar, both 3rd generation agency and shipowning family companies with regional presence and international expansion. Mr. von Appen has held several senior executive positions within the companies, working in Chile and prior to it, for several years in different countries, with associated enterprises in the shipping industry. He holds a degree in Economics from the Universidad de Chile in Santiago and also completed the Advanced Management Program at Harvard Business School of Boston (USA). Mr. Dag von Appen is a Chilean and German citizen and resides in Chile.

Per von Appen

Board Member

Jan Vermeij

Board Member

Mr. Vermeij has more than 30 years of working experience, holding different management positions in Chile, Argentina and Peru. Mr. Vermeij has been part of the Ultramar/Ultranav group for about 18 years. In 2007, he was appointed Executive Vice President of Petrolera Transoceanica, an important shipping company based in Peru. In 2009, he came back to Chile being designated CEO of Ultratug, the Ultranav’s tugboat company with operations in 8 countries in South America. In 2014, he assumed the responsibility to lead Ultramar group of companies holding the position of CEO. In 2018, Mr. Jan Vermeij re-joined Ultranav as COO, and in 2021, he became the new CEO. Mr. Vermeij has a Bachelor of Arts degree (Economics major) from the Occidental College – Los Angeles, California, U.S.A. and a post-graduated in Business Administration from Universidad Adolfo Ibañez – Santiago, Chile. Mr. Vermeij is a Chilean citizen and resides in Chile.

Christian Csaszar

Board Member

Mr. Csaszar started his shipping career with the company in 1986 and has since then carried out several duties in various positions within the Group. Since 2002 he has held senior management positions as Executive Vice President at Petrolera Transoceanica, Peru and as CEO of SONAP, Chile. Mr. Csaszar has a diploma as qualified shipping businessman from Insalco, Chile / Chamber of Commerce Hamburg, and holds a degree in business administration from DAV-Foreign Trade and Transport Academy of Bremen, Germany. In addition he completed executive development programs PED at IMD, Switzerland and AMP at Harvard Business School, USA. Mr. Csaszar is a Chilean citizen and resides in Chile.

Management & BOD

Meet the Management Team and the Board of Directors.

Ultranav Group

Humboldt is part of the large and diversified shipping group Ultranav, which was founded in Chile in 1960 by Captain Albert von Appen. Ultranav now has offices in 17 countries.

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Meet the Management Team and the Board of Directors.

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Ultratank is part of the large and diversified shipping group Ultranav, which was founded in Chile in 1960 by Captain Albert von Appen. Ultranav now has offices in 15 countries.

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